Hospitality Technology Management

The Process

  Our core product offered to Hotels all over the United States is Vibe Communications Hospitality Technology Management Package. 

What is "hospitality technology management" you ask?.. 

Well in short.., Its the Design, Installation, Coordination and Integration of all the technologies that make a hotel business run efficiently with continued service after the sale. We stand tall as your technology partner and are with you every step of the way. From ground breaking to ribbon cutting and beyond. 

Bound only by each hotels individual brands standards, Vibe Communications is able to provide almost all systems and solutions with "In-house" staff and services. 

    Where it is an absolute requirement by the brand to use a specific vendor for a specific technology product, Vibe Communications will acquire quotes from those "approved" vendors on your behalf and present them for a final decision. Your budget and design requirement is our main concern with the acquired quotes. So we make sure the property gets the most value out of each quote by ensuring each one is as competitive as it can be. 


Most times when a "brand approved" vendor is required, Vibe Communications is still the one that does the installation as a subcontractor to that "brand approved" vendor. So even though in a situation where we cannot do it all with 'In house" service products because of strict brand requirements. We are still in a way, doing it all. Giving us the intimate knowledge of how everything needs to come together and WORK together as it should. 

Don't Stress

CEO's, Owner operators, General managers, Director of Operations and yes even Property Management companies. Don't stress, We're here to help!   

New Builds, brand conversions

Remodels, and Existing operations. 

Your technology solutions will be delivered On time, On budget and by the brand standards with Vibe Communications as your #BusinessTechnologyPartner.

Hospitality Technology Management Explained

Check out this great animated explainer video!

Structured Cabling


Complete Voice, Video, Sound and Data structured cabling infrastructure.  

Managed WiFi


Distributed Managed WiFi systems with tailored to the brand splash pages and toll free guest support. 

Security Surveillance


Get up to 4k quality surveillance with our CCTV  security solutions.


PlayNetwork partner logo

Our roots originated in sound and

Every business needs music. Let us provide a music channel specifically tailored to your brand. The best channel in the world however is only as good as the sound system playing it. Ask us about sound and how we can help.

Presentation spaces


Big screen TV's, Projectors and screens with A/V input plates and separate sound system controls are all a major part of the best presentation spaces.



VOIP or PBX  we've got you covered.

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